Paragould Title Company may seem like a new name, but sure isn’t a new face to Greene County.

The law firm of Branch Thompson Warmath and Dale P.A. have been writing and issuing title policies since 1957 and only recently have chosen to operate the title services under the separate name of Paragould Title Company.

Paragould Title Company has 5 licensed title agents on staff – more agents than any other title company in Greene County.

Paragould Title Company owns and serves Greene County using an online 30 year title plant that is updated daily. If you are in the market for purchase/sale, refinance & construction closing, mortgage and owner’s title policy, title reports and many more, Paragould Title Company offers a full array of services.

Paragould Title Company has over 60 years of dedicated service to Greene County, coupled with expertise, competitive pricing, and quality service to it’s clients.

As a locally owned title company, we know how to get your title work processed efficiently and professionally.

Fun facts:

  • At no cost to taxpayers, the title industry collects $325 million per year in delinquent child support payments.
  • At no cost to taxpayers, the title industry collects $3 billion per year in delinquent real estate taxes.
  • The national average cost of a title insurance policy is $700, paid once.
  • The title industry spends $225 million per year to correct errors in the public property records.